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Hearts Blessing’s Quotes of Wisdom

These are common sayings I often use to get particular points across–some are exclusively mine, some come from God’s Word, and several have been drawn from the wisdom of others. I often like to “play” on words because those types of sayings/quotes are often more easily remembered. Some are short, some are lengthy, but all of these quotes speak to whatever emotional crisis you may be navigating through. ((HUGS))

Forgiveness is for you, while consequences are for the one who has sinned against you–Hearts Blessing

Do what God says do, and all will go well with you–Hearts Blessing

Denial is NOT the river in Egypt–Unknown 🙂

Your midlife spouse has taken time and space for the purpose of learning how to deal with themselves. Take this SAME time, that was given unto you as a gift, and use it wisely for this same purpose. Down the road, you’ll be glad you did–Hearts Blessing

Life is a progressive journey filled with change, growth, and becoming, and everything becomes a process that takes time to complete.–Hearts Blessing

To learn how to mentally, emotionally, and physically survive in a world of opposite thinking, being, and doing is to truly understand the Midlife Crisis Process–Hearts Blessing

There is hope, there is always hope, as long as there is love.—Hearts Blessing

The clues are in the stages of a midlife crisis, the answers are in the articles–Hearts Blessing

The operative word is TIME, and the Man with the Plan, is GOD. Keep following your Intuition, give it all Time, and walk along after the Man with the Plan–Hearts Blessing

In time, all of God’s plans will fall into place. All things are possible, if you will just believe and have faith in Him who knows the whole of your future.—Hearts Blessing

It’s not the trial you face, but the chosen attitude within that matters the most in the eyes of God–Hearts Blessing

We Stand at a crossroad every day, choose for better or for worse, then live out the consequences of our choice.–Hearts Blessing

Be the Lighthouse, and do your best to create a well-lit path filled
with love and acceptance that hopefully, in time, will lead your midlife crisis spouse back toward you–Hearts Blessing

To become a true Stanchion, is to learn to develop a strong foundation built of faith, hope and love, to stand firmly upon, and to be willing to often exist alone, with no one but God to walk with, talk with, and stand with–Hearts Blessing

God provides what we need exactly when we need it.–Hearts Blessing

God will never put any more on us than we can bear at any given time without asking Him for help.–Hearts Blessing

God will always give us the strength to withstand whatever trial we are facing.–Hearts Blessing

In order to learn to embrace permanent change, one must first experience deep pain.–Hearts Blessing

Remember what God has promised you, this is written in His Word. For we know all things will work to the good of those who love the Lord.–Romans 8:28 (paraphrase)–Hearts Blessing quoting from God’s Word

Just trust in the Lord. He will always find a way, when you walk in Faith.–Hearts Blessing

Always consult your Intuition for the answers, as only GOD knows how to help you access these within.—Hearts Blessing

Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Healing are required in order to become completely whole within yourself–Hearts Blessing

Before one can face the future, one must choose to face the past.–Hearts Blessing

Having respect for someone is about giving them space, and the right to make a choice for themselves, even if you don’t agree with what they are either about to do, or are doing. Right or wrong, they are adults, therefore accountable for their real and perceived mistakes. All you can do is step back, set firm boundaries, let go, and let God work His Will within a given situation.–Hearts Blessing

When you set a boundary on bad behavior you’re giving a person two choices: To choose to change in response, or choose to walk away in reaction.–Hearts Blessing

Boundaries are designed to protect you. They are not to be used for control, nor manipulation. You’re not trying to directly change a person, because you can’t control anyone but yourself. What you’re actually doing is making yourself clear about what you will and won’t tolerate in the way of behavior from other people.–Hearts Blessing

Boundaries are the first line of defense to preserve your self respect.–Hearts Blessing

The truth is, you have to face the past, before you can face the future…in the past lies the key to your future growth. If you’re not willing to look backward, it becomes very difficult to look forward. What isn’t faced within yourself, will always return to torment you. You can run from it, hide from it, bury it, but it doesn’t work, because it always returns to be faced–it’s only a matter of time before it does. ((HUGS)) That’s a major portion of a person’s journey that leads toward wholeness and healing.–Hearts Blessing

In order to grow outward one must be willing to examine oneself, and learn to expand inward. All change that takes place externally, always begins internally. Learn to accept these changes, grow with them, and in time, one will become God what always meant for them to be in Him.–Hearts Blessing

The first step of the journey takes courage, and requires a deep Self-examination, which involves overcoming the fear of discovering that you are just as human, therefore capable of making mistakes–as anyone else. —Hearts Blessing

It’s OK to just BE who you are for now, as you learn to accept your personal flaws, and begin learning what change, growth and becoming will mean for you as an individual person.–Hearts Blessing

It is truly a frightening thing to see, face, and embrace the unknown, but you can do this. If I can do it, anyone can do it. All it takes is opening your mind and heart to the vast, and endless, possibilities of what you can become within Self.–Hearts Blessing

One of the major aspects of emotional maturation is one’s Self identity. This leaves the question of “Who am I?” to be answered. This involves a full emotional “stripping” of all additional identities that life in progress has added over time. When all of the outer layers have been removed, what will remain is a Self you’ll want to get to know all over again.–Hearts Blessing

The day each of you married your spouse, your marriage vows actually prophesied the future. “For better OR for worse.” The midlife crisis will be the worst emotional trial you will ever face, and it will test your commitment to the max. Are you up to challenge?–Hearts Blessing

The Truth shall set you free, but Deception will keep you bound.–Hearts Blessing

The Midlife Crisis definition of insanity is the midlife spouse who continues to do the same things over and over and over, that changes everything for everyone else, while not expecting anything to change for them.–Hearts Blessing

Our marriage survived His Mid Life Crisis, with the help of the Lord.
I have learned that true strength is built through the trials we endure.
There is hope as long as you love your Mid Life spouse, and are willing to learn the life’s lessons that are set before you as a result of this crisis.–Hearts Blessing

As each person is different, each midlife crisis is different. What one will do, another won’t–Hearts Blessing

When setting boundaries within any situation, don’t back down, stand your ground–Hearts Blessing

Standing in Hope for a Restored Marriage wasn’t designed to be an easy emotional road to navigate, but if you will always look to God in faith, and ask Him for strength, He will always supply every need you have.–Hearts Blessing

Remain detached-do NOT react–Hearts Blessing

Anyone else’s problems will never become your responsibility–Hearts Blessing

The expert in anything was once a beginner.–Anonymous

Are you ready to give up the person you are, to change, and grow, so that you can eventually transform into the person you are meant to become?–Hearts Blessing

You can BE happy, OR you can BE miserable. It’s YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE, based in free will given unto you by God as a gift. With that said, why would anyone choose to be miserable over events, and people they will NEVER be able to control? Food for thought.–Hearts Blessing

“Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.”― Aristotle

“All that’s needed for evil to flourish is for good people to say nothing.”–Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797)

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