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PLEASE READ BEFORE choosing to email me to ask for membership:

Due to an overload of spammers and hackers, I will no longer have the forum open for registrations. If you want to be a member, you’ll have to email me through the contact form on this site to ask for one. Once you do that, and I vet your membership request, I will do the work of creating a membership, plus password that you would be welcome to change for yourself.
Make sure the email address you provide is a good one, without typos that prevent the access email from coming through. Unlike some places, I do NO sell, or give away your email…your profile is NOT exposed to the Internet..our forum is not allowed to be crawled by the search engines. Please do not use a “throw away email” and/or provide email address accounts that I know to be connected to spammers. I reserve the right to immediately delete any email that I suspect to be spam-based. 

Once membership is approved, you will receive an email with approval link back to the forum. 🙂

Please click the link below to connect to our forum. 🙂

Hearts Blessing’s Forum

See you there! 🙂


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