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Throughout the years, with the help, grace, and mercy of the Lord, I have been teaching about the various aspects of the Mid-Life Crisis and the various Lessons of Life.  There was a time back in 2002, when information on the Mid-Life Crisis was not available, and I truly had the privilege of being one of those pioneers that began this movement at a time when information was nearly nonexistent.

The only book existing within mainstream media at that time was Jim Conway’s “Men in Mid-Life Crisis”.  If anyone desired to learn more, someone who knew what was happening was located, or God Himself guided him or her through the intuition He provided as a spiritual gift.

As each person is different, their resulting journey is also different, and according to whatever they need, God will always provide at a right time.

I was one of many people who started my journey through with a guide.  In time, however, God took direct control of the situation and as a result, provided the necessary navigation through the journey of a lifetime. 

This brought forth a greater understanding of the crisis and of the life’s lessons encountered along the way.  This same higher learning, received from God, led to a completely new way of life once the personal journey to wholeness and healing was fully completed.

I am Hearts Blessing, and I am here to teach you about the mid-life crisis, how to cope, how to recognize the various signs, and most importantly, I am here to teach you the lessons of life.

People who are most familiar with my particular style of writing, have most often begun their journey into this trial of life by reading the original article I wrote about the six stages of a mid-life crisis back in 2002.

This same article is now part of the “Hearts Blessing Presents” series. 

Over time, a great deal of information has flowed outward about so many aspects of the crisis and the various lessons of life.  I have returned once more to begin anew the teaching of a time of life that I have lived completely through, and finished with my marriage intact.

The effort will be made to show more of a humanistic connection with the Mid Life Transition that most often transforms into a crisis because of the fear within the midlife person that drives them to make drastic and terrible mistakes.

I can show you hope, faith, love, and with the help of the Lord, who has graciously shared His wisdom, knowledge, and vast understanding. In my own unique way of speaking, I will try to explain what often isn’t easily understood.

With that said, I am not a certified counselor, nor do I hold a degree in any form of psychology, sociology, or even physiology.  I cannot guarantee your marriage will survive, nor can I guarantee any sort of outcome.  I cannot solve your problems; I cannot even walk this journey for you.

 I can only come alongside of you, encourage you, lift you up, pray for you, and let you go into the capable hands of God, who knows all things, and orchestrates all things.

Let us begin the journey toward greater wisdom, knowledge, and understanding within the realm of the most difficult trial you will ever face in your life. 

May God be with all of us as we move forward together,



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