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A Message of Encouragement

I pulled this out of the shoutbox on my forum, to flesh out for the benefit of our forum membership:

Something I do want to say is that it’s very encouraging to watch the progress of positive growth within our forum membership as a whole. It’s not just some of you, it’s ALL of you. No matter what anyone else might have to say, remember that everything you learn here is put out here to HELP YOU, just like I was once helped, so long ago. And God still helps me, to help others to find their own way, to continue their own change, growth, and becoming. Your path may not be just like mine was, but your path taken toward wholeness and healing is just as important as mine was, when I walked in your shoes.

To continue the message, I’m not in the business of taking people down deceptive paths, disrupting their lives, and giving them false hope. I’m not the “blind leading the blind” and God is certainly not going to leave you in the dark, leave you alone, nor abandon you.

I am encouraging people to find in themselves, what God sees in them. I see a lot of positivity in people, who are staying the course, in spite of all that’s coming into their lives to try and take them down into a deep well of negativity.

I am not just a Vessel of Truth, I’m also a Seeker of the Truth, and I weigh my thoughts, and my words very carefully, before they are committed to the online, or offline “paper” I’m writing upon. I was thinking not long ago, about how it doesn’t matter how many different “voices” are speaking. The ones who are the most sincere, and the ones that are speaking the Truth that God has supplied those sincere voices with, will be the ones who rise above the crowd to be heard, and I hope, understood.

This isn’t about competing with a Society whose immature ideals of a good marriage is remaining stuck in an immature rut that says that you abandon ship at the first sign of trouble. This isn’t about those whose ignorance has them delivering something I know as NOT being true, but I remain silent, because that’s not a battle worth engaging, because it’s a waste of my own time. Why? Because I can’t make people see what I know to be the Truth–they have to choose to see that for themselves.

There are too many people who have validated those things I first learned, and then began passing those writings along, as far as back as 2002, for me, to get tied up in knots, worrying about those who write counter to the vast amount of experience I’m writing from.

My lived out life’s experience is NOT the only part that I draw from, when advising people. I have walked through this crisis with so many others over such a long period of time, and the recognition of what I’m seeing comes from my life, other people’s lives, and everyone else I have had the opportunity to speak to/learn from.

You think I don’t continue learning? I learn something new every day, or an expanded aspect of something I’ve known, but another dot, or another set of dots is connected. I speak of things in what often looks like a ‘secret code’ to those who haven’t begun to understand what I’m talking about, yet, I know that TIME, and the JOURNEY will eventually crack this supposed ‘secret code’ and help each individual’s mind and heart to open up to the Truth that isn’t going to be understood until each person is ready to actually understand the knowledge that I’m trying so hard to pass forward.

I’m not trying to stuff, or shove anything down anyone’s throat, and I’m NOT going to “make” “force” or “coerce” you into seeing what I see, believing what I see, and knowing what I know. I didn’t come into all of it at one time, either. I spent a lot of time learning to connect these dots that led from human nature/human behavior into the midlife crisis, beyond the midlife crisis, and even the lack of growth that existed before the midlife crisis ever came forth.

Just so you know, my husband and I both walked that same road of emotional immaturity, that eventually led into his midlife crisis, and my overlapping midlife transition. Though he and I came through, whole, and healed, and emotionally mature, we’re still growing.

And in time, you will, too. With, or without the marriage, you have that same opportunity to come through whole, healed, and emotionally mature–having learned the lessons of a lifetime for yourself.

God knows, I’m not doing it for myself, because I’ve already done it. I could be doing something else, somewhere else, but that’s not what God instructed me to do, and you know, I don’t even do it to gather blessings from God. I serve people through serving God, because I know that it’s the right thing to give back what I was once given.

This is also something along the way that you learn to do–is to be a positive help to others, who are put in your path for a reason. No matter where you are in your own personal journey, the capacity to reach out, and help each other should be something you want to do.

God didn’t “make” me do anything, because He did give me a choice. When I accepted the “assignment” so to speak, He then made a way for me to exercise a positive choice to have Him rebuild those old memories of the past, strengthened me to be able to remember from the point of a full emotional healing, so I could become most able to offer the help through the writings that I so often roll out for the benefit of others.

God doesn’t call the qualified–He qualifies the called, and it’s a very humbling experience, because I’m still gaining in knowledge, wisdom, and that’s developed into greater Insight so I can better articulate what I’m so desperately trying to convey to others. And, write it out in such a way that ALL can benefit as they choose to benefit. s I see the understanding continue to grow, I know that between Godly Intuition, empowered by God, who uses me for this work, and me, who is allowing Him to use me, I’m accomplishing what He has given me to do. ((HUGS))

Don’t let people steal your thunder, don’t let people steal your glory, and above all, don’t let people discourage you in your relationship with God, which is a treasure above all treasures, and the most valuable relationship you’ll ever develop in this human life.

Remember that you’re on this path for a reason that extends beyond the midlife crisis that came and destroyed your lives. Though God did NOT cause this to happen, God will bring great good out of great evil. God will bring happiness out of misery, and God will bring great joy out of the deepest pain.

The trials we face, are there for a reason, and that reason does NOT lie in these outside sources who often seek to destroy us. We are supposed to look within for what it is within us, that needs to be strengthened because of this trial, not seek to get away from it, just because we believe we are entitled NOT to suffer–that’s SO NOT TRUE.

This piece of knowledge comes from someone whose life began filled with trials, and someone who still faces trials that yield deeper knowledge and wisdom that would NOT come IF said trials were NOT faced at all. No pain, no gain. No change, no growth. No growth, no becoming. No challenge, no solution.

The only way out is through, and going through teaches each of us all about the lessons of life, the aspects contained within, and most of all, to have a good attitude while going through. I can tell you from my own experience, that to complain, cry, be miserable, and refuse to accept loss that comes with each trial we’re facing is only to cause US to remain stuck, hurt no one but US, and no movement, means, no learning of anything that will help us to gain the tools necessary to face those harder trials that will come in time, life, and love.

I like my times of peace that gives me a break to rebuild my strength, to heal from something in said prior trial that caused a time of damage to occur in me, but that’s my responsibility to attend to myself, to process myself, for what that prior time of trial meant to me. In time, there’s going to be another trial coming. Over the course of my own life, I have internalized this piece of knowing that life is nothing but one big problem to be resolved every day, quite well.

I’ve seen physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual trials come into my life. Some were not as bad as I thought they would be, while others seemed to be the worst trials I’d ever seen, /vut what I didn’t understand, until years down the road, and many trials were behind me, is that your existing strength determines the trials you will face in the emotional, mental, AND spiritual aspects. From my own personal experience I have learned that each trial is just beyond that level of strength you already possess, just beyond the skill of the level of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding you already contain in Self.

You might think this journey is daunting, is beyond your skill-set, but I’m here to tell you, that what you’re going through is exactly matched to what YOU need as an individual who is willing to change, grow, and become what God means you to become in HIM. Trials are meant to build our knowledge, our wisdom, and our strength, testing our capabilities to the limit, and beyond.

God never puts anymore upon us, than we can bear, without asking Him for help, because ultimately, we are supposed to learn to turn to GOD for all things we can’t carry, all things we don’t understand, and all things we need help to cope with. God could do it all, and all at once, if He chose to do, but He doesn’t do that, because God knows that what we learn is for our benefit, although, at the time, we think He’s punishing us in some way, for something WE did to bring this upon us.

That’s NOT always the case, and if we become very discerning about ourselves, we’ll know if we’re reaping what we’ve sowed, OR it’s past time for us to learn more about ourselves, so we can begin a journey toward wholeness and healing that involves change, growth, and becoming–life’s lessons–we did NOT learn when we were meant to learn them. It doesn’t even matter when we missed these opportunities, because rest assured, they will catch up, circumstances will certainly bring them into our lives.

One last thing–regardless of what you might think is a mistake, God takes those mistakes, and turns them into a time of learning that will help you to learn from any mistakes you’ve made, so that you don’t repeat said mistakes. That’s why they’re called mistakes. If a mistake is repeated, then it becomes an error, and when errors are repeated, the consequences become worse.

What I mean by that is a mistake is made in ignorance, the lesson comes from learning to overcome ignorance, and gaining knowledge (learning from said mistake). However, when one goes back into that same path again, it’s no longer a mistake, it then becomes an error. And though, the consequences for the initial mistake were served, they will become much worse when the mistake is repeated, becomes an error, because what is now missing from said error? IGNORANCE, because errors are made in full knowledge that was learned from the initial mistake.

The scripture that comes to mind on the above:

Luke 12:48 New King James Version (NKJV):

48 But he who did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes, shall be beaten with few. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.

For what it’s worth, mistakes made are not about other people–these are all about YOU, what information you have at the time the mistake was made in ignorance, and what you’ve learned up to the point you actually encountered a time when you did what you thought was right at the time you did it, but found out later, that you made a mistake in ignorance.

As always, food for thought.

So much love goes your way, and know that no matter what happens down the road of your life, that might bring you down, know that you’re going be OK. And then, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, forgive yourself for being human, and move forward. Why? Because what’s done is done, and cannot be redone, nor gone back into, and fixed. You know why? The past is set in stone. However, you can make and create a better future for yourself with the help of God, who is always there, who never leaves, and He is not going to beat you up for being human. fter all, He loves you as He loves Himself with unconditional love, care, and infinite patience.

Where there is life, there is hope, and where there is hope, there is love. Until next time, much love to all, and so many ((HUGS))


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